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Top Publications 2012

Department of Accountancy - 2012

Department of Accountancy
Guenther, Sansing Unintended consequences of LIFO repeal: The case of the oil industry The Accounting Review, 87(5), 1589-1602
De Waegenaere, Sansing, Wielhouwer Multinational taxation and R&D investments The Accounting Review, 87(4), 1197-1218
Dierynck, Landsman, Renders Do managerial incentives drive cost behavior? Evidence about the role ofhe zero earnings benchmark for labor cost behavior in Belgian private firms The Accounting Review, 87(4), 1219-1246
Masschelein, Cardinaels, Van den Abbeele ABC information, fairness perceptions, and interfirm negotiations The Accounting Review, 87(3), 951-973
Van Lent Discussion of “The influence of elections on the accounting choices of governmental entities" Journal of Accounting Research, 50(2), 477-494
Numan, Willekens An empirical test of spatial competition in the audit market Journal of Accounting and Economics, 53(1-2), 450-465

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics - 2012

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics
Cherchye, De Rock, Vermeulen Married with children: A collective labor supply model with detailed time use and intrahousehold expenditure information American Economic Review, 102(7), 3377-3405
Stancanelli, Van Soest Retirement and home production: A regression discontinuity approach American Economic Review, 102(3), 600-605
Dellaert, Donkers, Van Soest Complexity effects in choice experiments-based models Journal of Marketing Research, 49(3), 424-434
Boldea, Hall Estimation and inference in unstable nonlinear least squares models Journal of Econometrics, 172(1), 158-167
Einmahl, Krajina, Segers An M-estimator for tail dependence in arbitrary dimensions Annals of Statistics, 40(3), 1764-1793
Cizek Semiparametric robust estimation of truncated and censored regression models Journal of Econometrics, 168(2), 347-366
Abbring Mixed hitting-time models Econometrica, 80(2), 783-819
Amann, Klein Returns to type or tenure? Journal of the Roy.Stat.Soc, Series A, 175(1), 153-166
Hall, Han, Boldea Inference regarding multiple structural changes in linear models with endogenous regressors Journal of Econometrics, 170(2), 281-302

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research - 2012

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research
Brekelmans, Den Hertog, Roos, Eijgenraam Safe dike heights at minimal costs: The nonhomogeneous case Operations Research, 60(6), 1342-1355
Bley, Boland, Fricke, Froyland, Sotirov Clique-based facets for the precedence constrained knapsack problem Mathematical Programming, 133(1), 481-511
Gouveia, Laurent, Parrilo, Thomas A new semidefinite programming relaxation for cycles in binary matroids and cuts in graphs Mathematical Programming, 133(1-2), 203-225
De Klerk, Sotirov Improved semidefinite programming bounds for quadratic assignment problems with suitable symmetry Mathematical Programming, 133(1), 75-91

Department of Economics - 2012

Department of Economics
Stoop, Noussair, Van Soest From the lab to the field: Cooperation among fishermen Journal of Political Economy, 120(6), 1027-1056
Knaup, Wagner A market-based measure of credit quality and bank performance during the subprime crisis Management Science58(8), 1423-1437
Barrios, Huizinga, Laeven, Nicodeme International taxation and multinational firm decisions Journal of Public Economics, 96(11-12), 946-958
Huizinga, Voget, Wagner Who bears the burden of international taxation? Evidence from cross-border M&As Journal of International Economics, 88(1), 186-197
Huizinga, Laeven Bank valuation and accounting discretion during a financial crisis Journal of Financial Economics, 106(3), 614-634
Vannoorenberghe Firm-level volatility and exports Journal of International Economics, 86(1), 57-67
Voors, Nillesen, Bulte, Lensink, Verwimp, Van Soest Violent conflict and behavior: A field experiment in Burundi American Economic Review, 102(2), 941-964
Wagner Systematic liquidation risk and the diversity-diversification trade-off Journal of Finance, 66(4), 1141-1175

Department of Finance - 2012

Department of Finance
Manconi, Massa, Yasuda The behavior of intoxicated investors: The role of institutional investors in propagating the financial crisis of 2007-2008 Journal of Financial Economics, 104(3), 491-518
De Roon, Szymanowska Asset pricing restrictions on predictability: Frictions matter Management Science, 58(10), 1916-1932
Christoffersen, Jacobs, Ornthanalai Dynamic jump intensities and risk premia: Evidence from S&P500 returns and options Journal of Financial Economics, 106(3), 447-472
Giannetti, Ongena “Lending by example”: Direct and indirect effects of foreign bank presence in emerging markets Journal of International Economics, 86(1), 167-180
Driessen, Van Hemert Pricing of commercial real estate securities during the 2007-2009 financial crisis Journal of Financial Economics, 105(1), 37-61
Van Binsbergen, Brandt, Koijen On the timing and pricing of dividends American Economic Review, 102(4), 1596-1618
Jiménez, Ongena, Peydró, Saurina Credit supply and monetary policy: Identifying the bank balance-sheet channel with loan applications American Economic Review, 102(5), 2301-2326
Driessen, Lin, Phalippou A new method to estimate risk and return of non-traded assets from cash flows: The case of private equity funds Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 47(3), 511-535

Department of Information Management - 2012

Department of Information Management
Davison, Martinsons, Ou The roles of theory in canonical action research MIS Quarterly, 36(3), 763-786
Angun, Kleijnen An asymptotic test of optimality conditions in multiresponse simulation optimization INFORMS Journal on Computing, 24(1), 53-65

Department of Marketing - 2012

Department of Marketing
Klesse, Goukens, Geyskens, De Ruyter Repeated exposure to the thin ideal and its implications for the self: Two weight loss program studies Research in Marketing, 29(4), 355-362
Bronnenberg, Dubé, Gentzkow The evolution of brand preferences: Evidence from consumer migration American Economic Review, 102(6), 2472-2508
Van Horen, Pieters Consumer evaluation of copycat brands: The effect of imitation type International Journal of Research in Marketing, 29(3), 246-255
Raassens, Wuyts, Geyskens The market valuation of outsourcing new product development Journal of Marketing Research, 49(5), 682-695
Teixeira, Wedel, Pieters Emotion-induced engagement in internet video ads Journal of Marketing Research, 49(2), 144-159
Gijsbrechts, Szymanowski Consumption-based cross-brand learning: Are private labels really private? Journal of Marketing Research, 49(2), 231-246
Pieters, Wedel Ad gist: Ad communication in a single eye fixation Marketing Science, 31(1), 59-73
Lemmens, Croux, Stremersch Dynamics in international market segmentation of new product growth International Journal of Research in Marketing, 29(1), 81-92
Lamey, Deleersnyder, Steenkamp, Dekimpe The effect of business cycle fluctuations on private-label share: What has marketing conduct got to do with it? Journal of Marketing, 76(1), 1-19
Albuquerque, Bronnenberg Measuring the impact of negative demand shocks on car dealer networks Marketing Science, 31(1), 4-23
Van Horen, Pieters When high similarity copycats lose and moderate similarity copycats gain: The impact of comparative evaluation Journal of Marketing Research, 49(1), 83-91

Department of Organization & Strategy - 2012

Department of Organization and Strategy
Salomon, Wu Institutional distance and local isomorphism strategy Journal of International Business Studies, 43, 343-367
Mühlfeld, Rao Sahib, Van Witteloostuijn A contextual theory of organizational learning from failures and successes: A study of acquisition completion in the global newspaper industry, 1981-2008 Strategic Management Journal, 33(8), 938-964
Blettner, Chaddad, Bettis The CEO performance effect: Statistical issues and a complex fit perspective Strategic Management Journal, 33(8), 986-999
Gulati, Sytch, Tatarynowicz The dynamics of social structure: The emergence and decline of small worlds Organization Science, 23(2), 449-471