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Top Publications 2013

Department of Accountancy - 2013

Department of Accountancy
De Simone, Sansing, Seidman When are enhanced relationship tax compliance programs mutually beneficial? The Accounting Review, 88(6), 1971-1991
Dierynck, Cherchye, Sabbe, Roodhooft, De Rock Opening the "Black Box" of efficiency measurement: Input allocation in multi-output Settings Operations Research, 61(5), 1148-1165
Leung, Joos Investor perceptions of potential IFRS adoption in the United States The Accounting Review, 88(2), 577-609
Abernethy, Bouwens, Van Lent The role of performance measures in the intertemporal decisions of business unit managers Contemporary Accounting Research, 30(3), 925-961

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics - 2013

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics
Stadje, Laeven Entropy coherent and entropy convex measures of risk Mathematics of Operations Research, 38(2), 265-293
Wei, Carroll, Muller, Van Keilegom, Chatterjee Robust estimation for homoscedastic regression in the secondary analysis of case-control data Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series B, 75(1), 185-206

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research - 2013

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research
Van Dam, Martin, Muzychuk Uniformity in association schemes and coherent configurations: Cometric Q-antipodal schemes and linked systems Journal of Combinatorial Theory A, 120(7), 1401-1439
Cámarar, Dalfó, Delorme, Fiol, Suzuki Edge-distance-regular graphs are distance-regular Journal of Combinatorial Theory A, 120(5), 1057-1067
Van Dam Strongly walk-regular graphs Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 120(4), 803-810
Yanikoglu, Den Hertog Safe approximations of ambiguous chance constraints using historical data INFORMS Journal on Computing, 25(4), 666-681
Ben-Tal, Den Hertog, De Waegenaere, Melenberg, Rennen Robust solutions of optimization problems affected by uncertain probabilities Management Science, 59(2), 341-357

Department of Economics - 2013

Department of Economics
Kocher, Pahlke, Trautmann Tempus fugit: Time pressure in risky decisions Management Science, 59(10), 2380-2391
Ohinata, Van Ours How immigrant children affect the academic achievement of native Dutch children The Economic Journal, 123(570), F308-F331
Vollaard Preventing crime through selective incapacitation The Economic Journal, 123(567), 262-284
Sutter, Kocher, Rützler, Trautmann Impatience and uncertainty: Experimental decisions predict adolescents' field behavior American Economic Review, 103(1), 510-531
Huizinga, Bertay Do we need big banks? Evidence on performance, strategy and market discipline The Journal of Financial Intermediation, 22(4), 532-558
Schütt Patent quality and incentives at the patent office RAND Journal of Economics, 44(2), 313-336
Filistrucchi, Klein, Affeldt Upward pricing pressure in two-sided markets The Economic Journal, 123(572), F505-F523

Department of Finance - 2013

Department of Finance
Manconi, Massa A servant to many masters: Competing shareholders preferences and limits to catering Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 48(6), 1693-1716
Dittmann, Maug, Spalt Indexing executive compensation contracts Review of Financial Studies, 26(12), 3182-3224
Goetz, Laeven, Levine Identifying the valuation effects and agency costs of corporate diversification: Evidence from the geographic diversification of US banks Review of Financial Studies, 26(7), 1787-1823
Berger, Bouwman How does capital affect bank performance during financial crises? Journal of Financial Economics, 109(1), 146-176
Urzua Infante, Larrain Controlling shareholders and market timing in share issuance Journal of Financial Economics, 109(3), 661-681
Frehen, Goetzmann, Rouwenhorst New evidence on the first financial bubble Journal of Financial Economics, 108(3), 585-607
Ongena, Popov, Udell When the cat’s away the mice will play: Does regulation at home affect bank risk-taking abroad? Journal of Financial Economics, 108(3), 727-750
Beck, De Jonghe, Schepens Bank competition and stability: Cross-country heterogeneity Journal of Financial Intermediation, 22(2), 218-244
Castiglionesi, Wagner On the efficiency of bilateral interbank insurance Journal of Financial Intermediation, 22(2), 177-200
Renneboog, Spaenjers Buying beauty: On prices and returns in the art market Management Science, 59(1), 36-53
Spalt Probability weighting and employee stock options Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 48(4)
Donelli, Larrain, Urzua Infante Ownership dynamics with large shareholders: An empirical analysis Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 48(2), 579-609
Manconi, Massa, Yasuda The behavior of intoxicated investors: The role of institutional investors in propagating the financial crisis of 2007-2008 Journal of Financial Economics

Department of Information Management - 2013

Department of Information Management
Van Oorschot, Akkermans, Sengupta, Van Wassenhove Anatomy of a decision trap in complex new product development projects Academy of Management Journal, 56(1), 285-307

Department of Marketing - 2013

Department of Marketing
Yang, Vosgerau, Loewenstein Framing impacts willingness to pay but not willingness to accept Journal of Marketing Research, 50(6), 725-738
Briers, Laporte A wallet full of calories: The effect of financial dissatisfaction on the desire for food energy Journal of Marketing Research, 50(6), 767-781
Chan, Sengupta Observing flattery: A social comparison perspective Journal of Consumer Research, 40(4), 740-758
Gijsbrechts, Szymanowski Patterns in consumption-based learning about brand quality for consumer packaged goods International Journal of Research in Marketing, 30(3), 219-235
Vroegrijk, Gijsbrechts, Campo A multiple-store shopping perspective on the impact of local hard-discounter entry Journal of Marketing Research, 50(5), 606-626
Ter Braak, Deleersnyder, Geyskens, Dekimpe Does private-label production by national-brand manufacturers create discounter goodwill? International Journal of Research in Marketing, 30(4), 343-357
Rooderkerk, Van Heerde, Bijmolt Optimizing retail assortments Marketing Science, 32(5), 699-715
Pieters Is it unidirectional and only vicious? The cycle of materialism and loneliness? Journal of Consumer Research, 40(Dec)
Gijsbrechts, Lourenço The impact of national brand introductions on hard-discounter image and share-of-wallet Research in Marketing, 30(4), 368-382
Dekimpe, Geyskens, Ter Braak Retailer private-label margins: The role of supplier and quality-tier differentiation Journal of Marketing, 77(4), 86-103
Dekimpe, Heerde, Steenkamp, Gijsenberg Price and advertising effectiveness over the business cycle Journal of Marketing, 77(4), 86-103
Cleeren, Van Heerde, Dekimpe Rising from the ashes: How brands and categories can overcome product-harm crises Journal of Marketing, 77(2), 58-77
Pieters, Shi, Wedel Information acquisition during online decision-making: A model-based exploration using eye-tracking data Management Science, 59(5), 1009-1026

Department of Organization & Strategy - 2013

Department of Organization and Strategy
Ertug, Cuypers, Noorderhaven, Bensaou Trust between international joint venture partners: Effects of home countries Journal of International Business Studies, 44(3), 263-282
Martin Solving theoretical and empirical conundrums in international strategy research by matching foreign entry mode choices and performance International Business Studies, 44(1), 28-41
Monin, Noorderhaven, Vaara, Kroon Giving sense to and making sense of justice in post-merger integration Academy of Management Journal, 56(1), 256-284
Mulotte, Dussauge, Mitchell Does pre-entry licensing undermine the performance of subsequent independent activities? Evidence from the global aerospace industry, 1944-2000 Strategic Management Journal, 34(3), 358-372
Sytch, Tatarynowicz,Gulati Where do bridging ties come from? Organization Science