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Top Publications 2015

Department of Accountancy - 2015

Department of Accountancy
Cardinaels, Yin Think twice before going for incentives: Social norms and the principal's decision on compensation contracts Journal of Accounting Research, 53(5), 985-1015
Law, Mills Taxes and financial constraints: Evidence from linguistic cues Journal of Accounting Research, 53(4), 777-819
Young, Zeng Accounting comparability and the accuracy of peer-based valuation models The Accounting Review, 90(6), 2571-2601
De Waegenaere, Sansing, Wielhouwer Financial accounting effects of tax aggressiveness: Contracting and measurement Contemporary Accounting Research, 32(1), 223-242

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics - 2015

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics
Holmberg, Willems Relaxing competitions through speculation: Committing to a negative supply slope Journal of Economic Theory, 159(A), 236-266
Hallin, Van den Akker, Werker Semiparametric error-correction models for cointegration with tends: Pseudo-gaussian and optimal rank-based tests of the cointegration rank Journal of Econometrics, 190(1), 46-61 (2016)
Einmahl, Li, Liu Bridging centrality and extremity: Refining empirical data depth using extreme value statistics Annals of Statistics, 43(6), 2738-2765
Einmahl, Can, Khmaladze, Laeven Asymptotically distribution-free goodness-of-fit testing for tail copulas Annals of Statistics, 43(2), 878-902
Cai, Einmahl, De Haan, Zhou Estimation of the marginal expected shortfall: The mean when a related variable is extreme Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B, 77(2), 417-442

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research - 2015

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research
Borm, Ju, Wettstein Rational bargaining in games with coalitional externalities Journal of Economic Theory, 157, 236-254
Ben-Tal, Hazan, Koren, Mannor Oracle-based online robust optimization via online learning Operations Research, 63(3), 628-638
Dobre, Vera Exploiting symmetry in copositive programs via semidefinite hierarchies Mathematical Programming, 151(2), 659-680
De Klerk, Sotirov, Truetsch A new semidefinite programming relaxation for the quadratic assignment problem and its computational perspectives INFORMS Journal on Computing, 27(2), 378-391
Huisman, Kort Strategic capacity investment under uncertainty RAND Journal of Economics, 46(2), 376-408
De Klerk, Laurent, Sun An alternative proof of a PTAS for fixed-degree polynomial optimization over the simplex Mathematical Programming, 151(2), 433-457
Pena, Vera, Zuluaga Completely positive reformulations for polynomial optimization Mathematical Programming, 151(2), 405-431
Van Dam, Sotirov Semidefinite programming and eigenvalue bounds for the graph partition problem Mathematical Programming, 151(2), 379-404
Van Dam, Sotirov On bounding the bandwidth of graphs with symmetry Informs Journal on Computing, 27(1), 75-88
Ben-Tal, Den Hertog, Vial Deriving robust counterparts of nonlinear uncertain inequalities Mathematical Programming, 149(1), 265-299

Department of Economics - 2015

Department of Economics
Trautmann, Van de Kuilen Belief elicitation: A horse race among truth serums The Economic Journal, 125(589), 2116-2135

Department of Finance - 2015

Department of Finance
De Haas, Korniyenko, Pivovarsky, Tsankova Taming the herd? Foreign banks, the Vienna initiative and crisis transmission Journal of Financial Intermediation, 24(3), 323-355
Kumar, Niessen-Ruenzi, Spalt What is in a name? Mutual fund flows when managers have foreign-sounding names Review of Financial Studies, 28(8), 2281-2321
Ebert, Strack Until the bitter end: On prospect theory in a dynamic context American Economic Review, 105(4), 1618-1633
De Jonghe, Öztekin Bank capital management: International evidence Journal of Financial Intermediation, 24(2), 154-177
Liang, Ren, Li Sun An anatomy of state control in the globalization of state-owned enterprises Journal of International Business Studies, 46, 223-240
Beck, Brown Foreign bank ownership and household credit Journal of Financial Intermediation, 24(4), 466-486

Department of Management - Information Management - 2015

Department of Management - Information Management

Department of Management - Organization & Strategy - 2015

Department of Management - Organization & Strategy
Cuypers, Ertug, Hennart The effect of linguistic distance and bridge language proficiency on the stake taken by acquirers in cross-border acquisitions Journal of International Business Studies, 46(4), 429-442
Blettner, He, Hu, Bettis Adaptive aspirations and performance heterogeneity: Attention allocation among multiple reference points Strategic Management Journal, 36(7), 987-1005

Department of Marketing - 2015

Department of Marketing
Burmester, Becker, Van Heerde, Clement Pre-and post-launch effects of publicity and advertising on sales International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(4), 408-417
Gijsenberg, Van Heerde, Verhoef Losses loom longer than gains: Modeling the impact of services crises on customer satisfaction over time Journal of Marketing Research, 52(5), 642-656
Bronnenberg, Ellickson Adolescence and the path to maturity in global retail Journal of Economic Perspectives, 29(4), 113-134
Klesse, Levav, Goukens The effect of preference expression modality on self-control Journal of Consumer Research, 42(4), 535-550
Geyskens, Wuyts, Gielens United we stand: The impact of buying groups on retailer performance Journal of Marketing, 79(4), 16-33
Bronnenberg The provision of convenience and variety by the market RAND Journal of Economics, 46(3), 480-498
Bronnenberg, Dubé, Gentzkow, Shapiro Do pharmacists buy Bayer? Informed shoppers and the brand premium Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(4), 1669-1726
Van Heerde, Gijsbrechts, Pauwels Fanning the flames? How media coverage of a price war impacts retailers, consumers and investors Journal of Marketing Research, 52(2), 674-693
Datta, Foubert, Van Heerde The challenge of retaining customers acquired with free trials Journal of Marketing Research, 52(2), 217-234
Wuyts, Rindfleisch, Citrin Outsourcing customer support: The role of provider customer focus Journal of Operations Management, 35, 40-55
Lourenço, Gijsbrechts, Paap The impact of category prices on store price image formation: An empirical analysis Journal of Marketing Research, 52(2), 200-216
Glady, Lemmens, Croux Unveiling the relationship between the transaction timing, spending and dropout behavior of customers International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(1), 78-93
Wedel, Pieters The buffer effect: The role of color when advertising exposures are brief and blurred Marketing Science, 34(1), 134-143