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Top Publications 2017

Department of Accountancy - 2017

Department of Accountancy
Baylis, Burnap, Clatworthy, Gad, Pong Private lenders’ demand for audit Journal of Accounting and Economics, 64(1), 78-97
De Waegenaere, Sansing, Wielhouwer Development cost capitalization during R&D races Contemporary Accounting Research, 34(3), 1522-1546

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics - 2017

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics
Bernal, Carpio, Klein The effects of access to health insurance: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design in Peru Journal of Public Economics, 154, 122-136
Schweizer, Szech Revenues and welfare in auctions with information release Journal of Economic Theory, 170, 86-111
He, Einmahl Estimation of extreme depth-based quantile regions Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B, 79(2), 449-461
Peijnenburg, Nijman, Werker Health cost risk: A potential solution to the annuity puzzle The Economic Journal, 127(603), 1598-1625

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research - 2017

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research
Ben-Tal, Brekelmans, Den Hertog, Vial Globalized robust optimization for nonlinear uncertain inequalities INFORMS Journal on Computing, 29(2), 350-366
De Klerk, Lasserre, Laurent, Sun Bound-constrained polynomial optimization using only elementary calculations Mathematics of Operations Research, 42(3), 834-853
De Klerk, Laurent, Sun Convergence analysis for Lasserre's measure-based hierarchy of upper bounds for polynomial optimization Mathematical Programming, 162(1), 363-392
De Ruiter, Brekelmans, Den Hertog The impact of the existence of multiple adjustable robust solutions Mathematical Programming, 160(1-2), 531-545
Eijgenraam, Roos, Brekelmans, Den Hertog Optimal strategies for flood prevention Management Science, 63(5), 1644-1656

Department of Economics - 2017

Department of Economics
Aydin, Kok, Brounen Energy efficiency and household behavior: the rebound effect in the residential sector RAND Journal of Economics, 48(3), 749-782
Brown, Trautmann, Vlahu Understanding bank-run contagion Management Science, 63(7), 2272-2282
Bijlsma, Boone, Zwart The complementarity between risk adjustment and community rating: Distorting market outcomes to facilitate redistribution Journal of Public Economics, 155, 21-37
Blanco, Dalton, Vargas Does the unemployment benefit institution affect the productivity of workers? Evidence from the field Management Science, 63(11), 3739-3759
Cettolin, Riedl Justice under uncertainty Management Science, 63(11), 3691-3707
Boone, Schottmuller Health insurance without single crossing: Why healthy people have high coverage The Economic Journal, 127(599), 84-105

Department of Finance - 2017

Department of Finance
Braggion, Dwarkasing, Moore Nothing special about banks: Competition and bank lending in Britain, 1885-1925 Review of Financial Studies, 30(10), 3502-3537
Bongaerts, De Jong, Driessen An asset pricing approach to liquidity effects in corporate bond markets Review of Financial Studies, 30(4), 1229-1269
Liang, Renneboog Finance and society: On the foundations of corporate social responsibility Journal of Finance, 72(2), 853-910
Renneboog, Szilagyi, Vansteenkiste Creditor rights, claims enforcement, and bond performance in mergers and acquisitions Journal of International Business Studies, 48(2), 174-194
Da Rin, Phalippou The importance of size in private equity: Evidence from a survey of private equity limited partners Journal of Financial Intermediation, 31, 64-76
Kempf, Manconi, Spalt Distracted shareholders and corporate actions Review of Financial Studies, 30(5), 1660-1695

Department of Management - Information & Supply Chain Management - 2017

Department of Management - Information Management
Zhu, Liu, Ou, Davison, Yang Privacy preserving mechanisms for optimizing cross-organizational collaborative decisions based on the Karmarkar algorithm Information Systems, 72, 205-2017
Li, Chan, Ou, Ruifeng Discovering public sentiment in social media for predicting stock movement of publicly listed companies Information Systems, 69, 81-92

Department of Management - Strategy & Organization- 2017

Department of Management - Strategy & Organization
Hu, He, Blettner, Bettis Conflict inside and outside: Social comparisons and attention shifts in multidivisional firms Strategic Management Journal, 38(7), 14335-1454
Cuypers, Cuypers, Martin When the target may know better: Effects of experience and information asymmetries on value from mergers and acquisitions Strategic Management Journal, 38(3), 609-625

Department of Marketing - 2017

Department of Marketing
Papies, Van Heerde The dynamic interplay between recorded music and live concerts: The role of piracy, unbundling and artist characteristics Journal of Marketing, 81(4), 67-87
Datta, Ailawadi, Van Heerde How well does consumer-based brand equity align with sales-based brand equity and marketing mix response Journal of Marketing, 81(3), 1-20