CentER is a world-class research institute that draws on the academic expertise of some of the most outstanding minds in the field of economics and business.

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Our qualifications are recognized and valued around the world. We are consistently ranked in the top best universities in Europe.

Economics Ranking

According to the Tilburg University Economics Ranking we are ranked:


  1. London School of Economics and Political Sciences
  2. University of Oxford
  3. Tilburg University


    19. University of Maryland

    20. University of California, San Diego
    21. Tilburg University

    22. University College London

Business Ranking

According to the UTD Top 100 Business Schools Research Rankings we are ranked:


 2. London Business School
 3. Tilburg University


37. Georgia Institute of Technology
38. Tilburg University
39. Erasmus University

40.Yale University

More information

More specific information about rankings can be found at the separate Rankings page of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management.