Research Groups CentER

There are eight areas in which research at CentER is being done. Besides these areas, which are more or less fixed, groups are also formed around themes that focus on a particular topic.


The Accounting group focuses mainly on research in these three areas: managerial accounting, financial reporting and valuation, and tax accounting.


As a research group, our aim is to provide an inspiring and open research environment where all members of the group can blossom to their full capacity. We cover both applied and theoretical econometrics.




The Macroeconomics research focuses primarily on the following topics: monetary policy, labor markets, public economics and economic growth.


The Microeconomics group is particularly active in the following areas: economic theory, game theory, environmental economics, industrial organization, and experimental economics.


Finance research is geared towards "corporate finance" and "investment, asset pricing, and financial econometrics". Interaction between the Finance Group and other CentER research groups (especially micro and econometrics) is one of our strengths.


Research in Information & Supply Chain Management can be summarized as follows: "explain, predict, design and develop, and thus improve the impact of ICT on the performance of teams, organizations, and networks of organizations".


Our Marketing research combines the strengths of three key research areas in marketing: strategy, consumer behavior, and modeling. Some members of the group work predominantly in a single area, while others combine different streams of research.

Operations Research

The research carried out by Operations Research can be divided into five topics: Stochastic OR, Deterministic OR, Simulation & artificial intelligence, Combinatorial mathematics and Cooperative game theory.

Strategy & Organization

The focus of the Strategy & Organization group is on a firm's choice of strategy and its organization structure and processes, and how these choices influence a firm's performance and a firm's long-term survival. Research projects are typically empirical in nature.