Center of Research on Psychological and Somatic disorders

Center of Excellence CoRPS

In her meeting of October 3, 2014, the University Council positively decided as to the recognition as Center of Excellence of CoRPS.

The University Council based her positive advice on the report of the Breimer Committee. This Committee, which included prof. D. Breimer (chairman, University of Leiden), prof. J. Dekker (VU University Medical Center) and prof. A. Steptoe (University College London) was invited by the Executive Board to review and assess the quality of the multidisciplinary research carried out within CoRPS and its eligibility as to the status of Center of Excellence.

In her report, the Breimer Committee stated that the quality of the CoRPS’ output is of very high level and as such CoRPS is meeting with all of Tilburg University’s criteria to acquire the recognition of Center of Excellence. The research center ranks among the best research institutes in its discipline internationally, with an international focus not only connecting psychology and the medical science, but also managing this for very different disease groups.

The Breimer Committee was also impressed by the amount of funding CoRPS has been able to acquire from NWO and other funds like the Dutch Cancer Society, Diabetes fund and the Dutch Heart Foundation.