Center of Research on Psychological and Somatic disorders

Societal relevance and networks CoRPs

Given the chronic nature of medical (e.g. heart disease, cancer, and diabetes) and mental health conditions and the ageing of the population, focus on the patient perspective and the impact of these conditions on individuals is becoming increasingly important in today’s health care system and society at large.

CoRPS publishes in peer-reviewed international journals and contributes with book chapters and publications for professionals and patient organizations. This knowledge is disseminated to various target groups (e.g. health care professionals, the medical industry (e.g. device companies), policy makers, patients, primary and secondary schools, and society at large) via the organization of meetings, symposia, courses, workshops, and via the local, national and international media. Also graduate students trained by CoRPS faculty play an increasingly important role in health promotion and disease management in the regional hospitals and further afield.

As such, CoRPS participates actively in the training and continuing education of health care professionals and informing the public, which is critical for improving the somatic and mental health care for patients in primary and secondary care. CoRPS research helps patients and their families to understand how psychological factors affect the patient perspective on health and disease and how these factors may influence compliance and ultimately quality of life and progression of the condition.

CoRPS develops screening and diagnostic tools to identify patients with somatic or mental health problems that may have a higher risk for morbidity and mortality. With such knowledge, it is possible to develop psychological and behavioral interventions that may help this subset of vulnerable patients live a fuller and longer life, which is also one of the missions of CoRPS.