Centre for the Study of Early Christianity

The research institute is supported by the Faculty of Religion and Theology (FRT) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology. The directors are Dr. Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte (VU) and Dr. Bart Koet (TST).

What Did Deacons Do? Online seminars

May 19-21. 09:00-10:00 hours   Amsterdam Time (GMT +1)

Recent research on assistant-leadership sheds new light on the duties and responsibilities of deacons in Late Antique Christianity.

Since 2014 the School of Theology (University of Eastern Finland) regularly organizes international and ecumenical research conferences on patristic understandings of diakonia.

The research project is a corporation led by dr. Edwina Murphy (Morning College, Sydney), dr. Esko Ryökäs (University of Eastern Finland) and prof. dr. Bart J. Koet (Tilburg School of Catholic Theology).

Most recently Bart J. Koet, Esko Ryökäs, Edwina Murphy edited Deacons and Diakonia in Early Christianity: the First Two Centuries (Mohr Siebeck, 2018). In 2022 a second volume on deacons and diaconia in Early Christianity is scheduled.

As a follow-up to the 2020 zoom-seminars What did deacons do?, the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology facilitates a new series of seminars, for which you are cordially invited.


To be announced

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