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2021 - Zoom seminars Presbyters in Early Christianity. September 15-17

In September 2021 a series of three online seminars is planned on the role and position of presbyters as leaders of Early Christian communities.

You can click the link on the title of the presentation to watch the recording.

15 September. Chair: Dr Murray Smith, Christ College, Sydney
Zaqenim in the Prophets, Dr Archibald van Wieringen, Tilburg School of     Catholic Theology

16 September. Chair: Dr Bart Koet, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Presbuteroi in the Septuagint, Dr Susan Docherty, Newman University, Birmingham

17 September: Chair: Dr Edwina Murphy, Morling College, Sydney
Elders in Greco-Roman Sources, Dr Lyn Kidson, Alphacrucis College, Sydney.

2021 - Zoom seminars What did deacons do?  May 10-12

The series was openend by Dr. Wim van de Donk (rector-manificus and chairman of the Board of Tilburg University).

Chairs were Dr. Edwina Murphy, Morling College, Sydney; Dr. Pekka Metso, University of Eastern Finland, and Dr. Arnold Smeets, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology.

The lectures were on: Ephrem the Syrian on Deacons. By Dr. Gerard Rouwhorst, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, and Deacons in the life and work of John Chrysostom. By Dr. Andreas Müller, Christian-Abrechts-Universität zu Kiel. 

The final session was entitled So: What Did Deacons Do? Towards Conclusions and Perspectives on Future Research. Dr. Edwina Murphy, Morling College, Sydney, Dr. Esko Ryökäs, University of Eastern Finland. Dr. Bart Koet Tilburg School of Catholic Theology.

To watch the presentations, please click the links: to view Dr. Gerard Rouwhorst; to view Dr. Andreas Müller; to view the session of the conclusions

2021 - Zoom seminarsWhat did deacons do?  February 24-26

Presenting: dr. Arnold Smeets, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST),Why Ask what Deacons Did? Phoebe Kearns BA, Postgraduate student University of Winchester,The Liminal Nature of the Diaconal Role in the Didascalia Apostolorum; dr.  Grant White, Sankt Ignatios College, Stockholm School of Theology, Deacons in the Testament of Our Lord. The State of the Question and Avenues for Future Research: prof. dr.  Brian J. Matz, Fontbonne University (U.S.A.), Deacons in the Writings of Gregory Nazianzen.

To watch the presentations, please click the links: to view Phoebe Kearns BA; to view  dr. Grant White; to view prof. dr. Brian J. Matz.

2020 - Zoom Symposium: Augustine as Bible Interpreter.  November 6

Presenting: dr. Karla Pollmann (University of Bristol) "Nos tempora sumus. Time and ethics in Augustine" and dr. Enrique Eguiarte ( Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Rome) "The Biblical Exegesis of Augustine on the Letter to the Galatians".

It is possible to watch the presentations. Please click the links for the introduction and final remarks (link), the lecture of dr. Karla Pollmann or the lecture of dr. Enrique Eguiarte.

2020 - Zoom seminars What did deacons do? May 11-15

 Presenting:  Dr. Pauliina Pylvänäinen (Joensuu, Finland), The Tasks of Male Deacons in The Apostolic Constitutions 3, 1; Prof. Dr. Bart Koet (Tilburg University, The Netherlands), Jerome on Deacons;  Harri Huovinen MA (Joensuu, Finland),  At the Service of the Sacramental Life. The Tasks of Deacons in Cyril of Jerusalem;  Dr. Edwina Murphy (Morling College, Australia), The Duties of Deacons in Cyprian of Carthage;  Dr. Arnold Smeets (Tilburg University, The Netherlands), Becoming Peter: Gregory the Great as Deacon of Rome.

2017 – Early Christian Mystagogy and the Body

Third International CPO Congress. Utrecht, 30-08-2017 / 01-09-2017. Zie de link voor de congreswebsite.

2015 – The Early Christian Mystagogy of Prayer

Second International CPO Congress. Utrecht, 26-09-2014 / 29-08-2014

2011 – The Mystagogy of the Church Fathers

First International CPO Congress. Utrecht, 18-05-2011 / 20-05-2011.