Center for Transboundary Legal Development

Events and colloquia Center for Transboundary Legal Development



  • 3 November Global Law Symposium

Brown Bag Lunches (5th floor M building, 12.30-13.30)

  • 15 November
    Philip Wesche
  • 29 November
    Morag Goodwin
  • 13 December
    Floor Fleurke

Past Brown Bag Lunches

  • 18 January
    Jonathan Verschuuren: Towards a regulatory framework for climate smart agriculture: lessons from Australia
  • 1 February
    Linnet Taylor: The ethics of big data as a public good: which public? Whose good?
  • 8 February
    Anne Saab: Fear and International Law: The Role of Fear in Regulating Genetically Modified Foods
  • 15 March
    Hans Lindahl: Legal Order and the Globalization of Inclusion and Exclusion
  • 12 April
    Lianne Boer: International law as we know it: cyberwar discourse and the construction of knowledge in international legal scholarship
  • 10 May
    Mike Leach: Understanding the Rule of Law as Object/Subject in Law & Development
  • 24 May
    Miryam Ansari: general overview of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal
  • 7 June
    Olia Kaneveskaia: Procedural Guarantees in technological standardization: do we need an increased scrutiny of Standards Development Organizations?
  • 13 September
    Laura van Waas
  • 27 September
    Nik Rajkovic: The visual Conquest of International Law: Brute Boundaries, The Map, and the Legacy or Cartogenesis
  • 4 October
    Sofia Stol: A Solemn Tale of Horror: The Opening Statement of the Prosecution in International Criminal Trials
  • 25 October
    Ben Richardson