Center for Transboundary Legal Development

Research Center for Transboundary Legal Development (CTLD)

The research of the Center for Transboundary Legal Development (CTLD) is structured and organized through the research program 'Charting the Global Legal Pathways'. This program started as of early 2013 and is the successor of ‘Beyond State-Centric Law and Legal Doctrine: New Actors and New Determinants (2005-2013) and 'Permeability of Legal Systems' (2000-2004). The new as well as the old programs can be found under 'research program'

Under ‘research program’ one can also find the specific research projects that fall under the research program, the general research approach taken and the methodology used.

Researchers CTLD

Under the heading ‘organization and staff’ one can find information on the researchers of CTLD (home page). While a selection of publications are enlisted under the subheading ‘publications’, full lists of publications of individual researchers can be found, through 'Experts and Expertise' (button on the right side) by clicking 'name' or 'expertise', and, after having accessed the page of a particular researcher, 'research' and 'publications'.