Center for Transboundary Legal Development

Research on the increasing interrelatedness between legal systems, the diversity of actors which influence processes of law making, and the legal issues involved while working towards 'globalisation with a human face'.

Research projects Center for Transboundary Legal Development

The research programme is made up of a flexible number of projects. Each project is the responsibility of the project leader. The projects are grouped together under the four domains of expertise of the CTLD. The domain leader is responsible for the projects listed under the respective domain.

  1. Environmental law
    Domain leader: Jonathan Verschuuren and Han Somsen
  2. Global Justice & Human Rights
    Domain leader: Willem van Genugten
  3. Innovation & Competition in an EU context
    Domain leader: Pierre Larouche
  4. The Nature of Legal Order
    Domain leaders: Randall Lesaffer and Hans Lindahl

A detailed overview of all the projects including description, project leader and researchers involved please see the research program.