Cardinal Willebrands

Activities Cardinal Willebrands Research Centre

Conferences and Symposia

International Research Project “Historicizing Ecumenism”

Venue: Bologna, Italy
Date: 2014-2020.
Aim: CWRC is part of the academic board of this international project. The aim is to prepare for an interdisciplinary and interconfessionnal history of the desire for Christian unity in multiple volumes, to be published in five languages.

Lecture “Het concilie van Trente: Een omstreden herinnering”

Venue: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date January 23, 2018 Organizer: Museum Catharijneconvent
Aim: Lecture series in the context of five centuries Reformation.

Lecture “Bouyer, Willebrands et Newman ou la configuration d’un oecuménisme catholique”

Venue: Paris, France
Date: December 5, 2017 Organizer: Université de Paris – Sorbonne.
Aim: Table ronde regarding the ecumenical work of Louis Bouyer.

Symposium “Het uitgestelde dispuut: Luthers stellingen herlezen”

Venue: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date: October 26, 2017
Organizers: CWRC (TiU) and the Katholieke Vereniging voor Oecumene
Aim: This study day was held in the context of the celebrations of the Reformation, and united a panel of church leaders and theologians from the Reformed and the Catholic tradition around the issue of the actual relevance and value of Luther’s theses.

International Conference on “Churches and Peacebuilding: Ecumenical Engagement for Peace and Reconciliation”

Venue: Lviv, Ukraine
Date: March 4, 2016
Organizers: Ukrainian Catholic University, European Society for Catholic Theology, Grazer Prozess. Co-organized by Dr. K. Schelkens
Aim: An investigation of the capacity of ecumenical dialogue to enforce peacebuilding in areas of conflict, such as present-day Ukraine.

Local Symposium: “Het Roomse Rood: On Biographies of Cardinals in the Low Countries”

Venue: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date: April 19, 2016
Organizers: Centrum voor Religieuze Communicatie (LUCE), CWRC
Aim: This study day investigated the genre of religious biography, and the obstacles and pitfalls proper to the genre.

International Conference on “Historicizing Ecumenism”

Venue: Monastery of Bose, Italy
Date: November 26-28, 2014
Organizers: Istituto per le Scienze Religiose, Bologna; Monastero di Bose
Aim: The preparation of an international project on the history of ecumenism. CWRC was represented by Drs. M. ter Steeg and K. Schelkens

International Conference on “Cardinaux et cardinalat, une elite à l’épreuve de la modernité”

Venue: Paris, France
Date: June 19, 2014
Organizers: Université Sorbonne, École francaise de Rome.
Aim: The conference was part of a larger research project on the cardinalate in contemporary history. CWRC was represented by Dr. Vefie Poels and Dr. Karim Schelkens.

Local Symposium ”De Nederlandse jaren van kardinaal Willebrands”

Venue: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date: April 25, 2013
Organizers: CWRC
Aim: A symposium on Willebrands and the Netherlands 1909-1960 was held on April 25, 2013 in order to study the development of the preconciliar ecumenical movement and the role played by Willebrands in it.

Two International Conferences “The Ecumenical Legacy of Cardinal Johannes Willebrands”

Venue: Utrecht, The Netherlands; Rome, Italy
Date: September 2-5 (Utrecht), and November 29 (Rome), 2009
Organizers: CWRC, Centre for Ecumenical Studies (KU Leuven), Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and and the Gregorian University
Aim: These two international conferences, held at the occasion of the centenary of Card. Willebrands’ birthday, sought to unite historians and theologians on an international scale, in order to study the impact of Willebrands on the ecumenical movement, within the broader context of conciliar and postconciliar efforts of Catholicism to engage in interconfessional and interreligious dialogue.