Data Science Center Tilburg

Data Science Center Tilburg

Understanding a data-driven society

Data Science Center Tilburg

Data Science Center Tilburg (DSC/t) brings together Tilburg University’s scientific expertise in economics, management, law, social sciences, behavioral sciences and the humanities to develop and apply data science.


Data science is a multidisciplinary scientific field, with a large role for computer science and mathematical and statistical techniques, as well as human-technology interaction, social sciences and legal and ethical aspects. Data Science Center Tilburg is unique in that it combines these areas of expertise from Tilburg University’s different Schools.

Tilburg University’s research is based on a strong tradition of quantitative and technical research skills. In DSC/t its extensive knowledge in applied data science is combined with strong expertise in communication as well as values, ethics and regulatory and legal implications.

Research programs


DSC/t teaches data science to students, upcoming researchers and business professionals. For this purpose various educational programs have been developed.

In addition, the Provincial Government of Noord-Brabant, the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg University, and Eindhoven University of Technology have invested in the development of new study programs.

Education programs


Data Science Center Tilburg believes in the power of collaboration to solve complicated questions that society will face. DSC/t enables internal collaboration between the four Tilburg schools and CentERdata, a research institute housed at the Tilburg University campus. The partnership with CentERdata adds to the strength of answering relevant societal problems by formulating the correct questions and applying innovative, data-driven methods. External collaboration is established third parties to obtain data (sets) and knowledge for the purpose of boosting both education and research.

Collaboration opportunities

Data Science for Zero Hunger Lab

Based on the successful collaboration with the World Food Programme, Tilburg University decided to invest in their Data Science for Social Good program and build together with partners from Government, Academia, Business and Civil Society in the Netherlands and Africa our Zero Hunger Lab. The Zero Hunger Lab (ZHL) provides the Research and Development knowledge and capacity to assess, analyze, co create and deliver data science solutions that will enable not only the UN WFP but also all other key players and especially local farmers, communities, logistics service providers and government to fight hunger.

Visit the website Zero Hunger Lab

Mission and vision

Data Science Center Tilburg aims to unlock insights hidden in large data sets and to assist society and businesses with translating these insights into action to solve complicated problems.

It is DSC/t’s mission to educate the professional and academic leaders in data science of the future.

Our mission and vision

Data Science for Social Good (DS for Social Good)

Tilburg University is challenging data scientists to work on social data science projects that really matter, data science for social good (DS for Social Good). Our professors, PhD-candidates, students and external data scientists collaborate, explore and try to find solutions for various social challenges, working in small teams. We team up with governments and non-profits, to help them gain insight in their data sets en answer the questions raised. Questions concerning difficult social challenges of today’s society: issues like health, human rights, education, and unemployment.

Can you help us make a difference?

About Data Science Center Tilburg

The Data Science Center Tilburg is set up as a truly multidisciplinary institution focussed on excellence. Not only for research, but also regarding education. With respect to research, the DSC/t has defined a unique research program for the coming years. 

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