Data Science Center Tilburg

Data Science Center Tilburg

Understanding a data-driven society

About Data Science Center Tilburg

The Data Science Center Tilburg is set up as a truly multidisciplinary institution focussed on excellence. Not only for research, but also regarding education. With respect to research, the DSC/t has defined a unique research program for the coming years. 

DSC/t goals

To support Tilburg’s Data Science research community, the DSC/t will pursue the following goals:

  • Establish Tilburg University as a renowned Data Science university by:
    • Creating a recognizable and unique positioning  and research profile of Tilburg University on the crossing point of humans and technology;
    • Investments in innovative DS research (trough seed funding);
    • Spreading the word through marketing and visible events and communications;
  • Effective grant management and research support on Data Science themes;
  • Establish beneficial business relations to create a Data Science ecosystem.

DSC/t required to understand a data driven society

Rising alongside “Big Data” technology, data science has the potential to genuinely change our society for the better. But there are also huge social and business risks. To address them, universities have an important role to play. They have to lead the way by educating tomorrow’s data scientist and by solving new and existing business and societal problems. Also from a purely scientific viewpoint, the advancement of data science as a discourse of study is of great interest. New scientific methods, tools and techniques are rapidly emerging to help scientist with "data science" problems.

Data Science: growth area

Data Science is a huge growth area where ongoing innovation goes hand in hand with the creation of thousands of innovative companies and millions of new jobs. The exponential growth of data (e.g. through Social Media, Internet-of-Things, Web 2.0, mobile devices) in combination with the rapid progress of new (Big data) technologies (e.g NoSQL, Machine Learning, Text & Video Analysis) is rapidly creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses and broader society. 

Demand for data scientists

Market studies are showing that there is a huge and explosively growing demand for data scientist. At the same time, high school students and BSc students alike have shown huge interest according to market studies and early experience with the marketing of the new Master in Data Science and Society. Businesses, government organizations, and NGO’s are all screaming for data science talent. Talent that is currently hard to come by. This is partly because the ideal data scientist is a rare species. Being a data scientist not only requires IT and analytical skills, but also creative thinking, an open mind, and a human interest.

Cooperation with Eindhoven University of Technology

The uniqueness of the new breed of data scientist is the reason why Tilburg University is partnering with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Together these universities have the alpha, beta and gamma competences to build a unique data science educational portfolio. Here Tilburg University brings in her strengths such as law (TILT), business analytics (from marketing to finance), econometrics & statistics, communication, cognition and health analytics. TU/e brings in its strengths on mathematics and computer science.