Data Science Center Tilburg

Data Science Center Tilburg

Understanding a data-driven society

Education in data science expertise

The Data Science Center Tilburg educates scientific data science expertise to students, upcoming researchers and business professionals. The following tracks are on the program or coming soon.

Master's specialization in Data Science and Society

The Master's specialization in Data Science and Society is the first data science track to kick off in Tilburg. This master will train students to address questions like:

  • How do we deal with large amounts of data?
  • What techniques do we use to mine the data?
  • What are the legal and ethical aspects regarding these data sets?
  • What economic value can be found in big data?

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Data Science study programs

The Provincial Government of Noord-Brabant, the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg University, and Eindhoven University of Technology decided to invest in new data science study programs and tracks.

The combination of technical sciences (TU/e) and the humanities and social sciences (Tilburg University) will broaden expertise, making the joint initiative unique in Europe. Tilburg University has programs that cover legal, government and economic aspects as well as entrepreneurship. The Eindhoven University of Technology provides the IT side of data science and experience in entrepreneurship.

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Unique collaboration of schools

Four schools of Tilburg University work in close collaboration in order to develop the best possible training for data scientists: Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Tilburg Law School, Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. This collaboration is unique in Europe and possibly even in the world.

Collaborating schools (TLS, TiSEM, TSHD, TSB)