Data Science Center Tilburg

Data Science Center Tilburg

Understanding a data-driven society

Mission and vision Data Science Center Tilburg

The main aim of the Data Science Center Tilburg (DSC/t) is to form an institute in which all (multidisciplinary) data science related research and education is coordinated. The DSC/t wants to give students and researchers the opportunity to unlock insights hidden in large data sets and assists society and businesses with translating these insights into action to solve complicated problems.

In doing so, DSC/t wants to be a magnet for students, researchers, companies, governments and sponsors renowned for: 1) the quality of staff, 2) the academic ability to solve complicated business and societal problems through the analysis of large data sets, and 3) the unique multidisciplinary approach where domain specific knowledge is used to truly understand the power and limitations of data.

Top in Europe

DSC/t aims to be a high-quality/high-impact institute offering programs that are at least as good as the best that Europe has to offer. It will be DSC/t’s mission to the professional and academic leaders in data science of the future.

Excellence in DSC/t’s educational programs will be accomplished through:

  • Rationalization, consolidation and streamlining of research and education
  • Achieving excellence in the field of data science
  • Fostering a team spirit and shaping a common teaching culture between diverse schools
  • Building a trusted relationship with industry.

Unique profile

DSC/t has a unique profile. This uniqueness resides in the following three distinctive features:

  • DSC/t believes that combining theory and data is of critical importance to be able to unlock the full potential of data. That is why we combine domain specific knowledge (e.g. marketing, HR) with generic data theories, methods and skills (e.g. data architecture, mining, visualization). Just data is clearly not enough.
  • DSC/t is able to leverage the natural combination of various scientific disciplines to solve complex data issues (e.g. ethics, privacy, IP, legal, data mining and statistics, domain expertise, human-technology interaction, as well as innovation capabilities).
  • DSC/t believes in the power of collaboration to solve complicated questions that society will face. DSC/t will enable internal collaboration between the four schools (TSB, TSH, TiSEM and TLS) and external collaboration with third parties to obtain data (sets) and knowledge for the purpose of boosting both education and research.