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Hosted by the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, the European Research Institute in Service Science (ERISS) boasts a multi-disciplinary, internationally renowned research and development team that is committed to pooling, coordinating and consolidating research activities in service science and innovation all across Europe.


The European Research Institute in Service Science (ERISS) undertakes innovative, interdisciplinary services research. We focus on real-world challenges that demand the use of multiple conceptual, methodological and substantive approaches. Using a wide range of research techniques allows us to devise innovative solutions. ERISS is initially focusing on service value networks. More generally, we aim to:

  • lead the services profession in the provision of standards of excellence and research;
  • promote the profession, and expand knowledge and skills;
  • raise awareness about services science via innovative research projects.

ERISS promotes excellence in a field that is critical to European competitiveness. Uniquely, we are committed bringing together actors, including the European Union, EU/CORDYS: Service Software and Service Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering , the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), and top academic institutes. Our long-term ambition is to become a think tank with a far-reaching impact on both European and global research.

Conferences and Workshops

In the Media

ERISS is leading a research project on the transformation of enterprise assets, including enterprise legacy systems as well as contemporary enterprise applications: SAPIENSA.


Members are spread in research institutes and universities all over the world. The IMB comprises the Scientific Director and the Institute Managing Director that work closely together in managing and governing ERISS. The IMB maintains clear research directions, for ERISS projects, both strategic and operational.

People ERISS

Advisory Board

The ERISS Advisory Board advises the IMB in strategic issues, and is comprised of an international network of renowned researchers, policy makers and practitioners in services science.

  • Prof. dr. Chi Hung Chi, Tsinghua University;
  • Dhr. Wim Hutten, PricewaterhouseCoopers;
  • Prof. dr. Maurizio Lenzerini, Sapienza Universita di Roma;
  • Dr. Paul P. Maglio, IBM Almaden Research Center;
  • Dr. Ravi Nemana, CITRIS, University of California, Berkeley;
  • Prof. dr. Piet Ribbers, Tilburg University, Chairman of the Board;
  • Dr. James Spohrer, IBM Almaden Research Center;
  • Dr. Darrell Williamson, CSIRO ICT Centre.

Senior Staff


  • Dr. V. Andrikopoulos
  • Dr. F. Lelli
  • Dr. M. Parkin
  • Dr. O. Türetken
  • Dr. Y. Taher

PhD Students

  • Faiza Bukhsh MSc
  • Michele Mancioppi MSc
  • Dinh Khoa Nguyen MSc
  • Yan Wang MSc