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Projects ERISS


ERISS succeeded in obtaining four prestigious IST FP7 projects in Call-1, all awarded in the area of Services:

  • Network of Excellence (NoE) in Software Services and Systems
    (S-Cube). The NoE (S-Cube) has a duration of four years and comprises 15 partners. Prof. Papazoglou serves as the scientific coordinator of this NoE.
  • Small/Medium-Scale Research Action (STREP) in the field of service compliance - Compliance-driven Models, Languages, and Architectures for Services (COMPAS). The STREP (COMPAS) has a duration of three years and comprises 9 partners.
  • Citizens Collaboration & Co-Creation in Public Service Delivery (COCKPIT). Cockpit aims to define a new Governance model which actively engages and empowers citizens in Public Service delivery decision making process. Cockpit will combine the research areas of citizens’ opinion mining in the context of Web 2.0, enhance Service Science Management Engineering in the context of the public sector and encourage deliberative engagement of citizens for forming informed judgements on public services delivery. Cockpit has a duration of three years and comprises 12 partners.
  • 4CaaST, the 4CaaSt project aims to create an advanced PaaS Cloud platform which supports the optimized and elastic hosting of Internet-scale multi-tier applications. 4CaaSt embeds all the necessary features, easing programming of rich applications and enabling the creation of a true business ecosystem where applications coming from different providers can be tailored to different users, mashed up and traded together. 4CaaST has a duration of 3 years and comprises 17 partners.


Members of ERISS have attracted research funds from the Dutch N.W.O. which has awarded three four year grants for a research projects related to services.

  • The Service-enAbling Pre-exIsting ENterprISe Assets (SAPIENSA) together with the Free Univ. of Amsterdam, Logica CMG and NXP. UvT is the leader of this project.
  • VALUE-IT: the project is supported by the NWO Jacquard program and is a collaboration of VU Amsterdam, University of Twente, Tilburg University and several companies.
  • ABC: Business Process Integration within organizations and across organizations. ABC is supported by NWO and is a joint project between Tilburg University and Utrecht University.

Projects with Australian Research Council

  • Y. Zhang, C. Liu, J. Yang and M. Papazoglou, A Framework for Consistent Collaborative Business Transactions, ARC Discovery, 2005-2007. CITR.
  • ARC Discovery Project: A Formal Framework for Developing and Managing Adaptable Service Oriented Business Collaborations, together with MacQuarie University, Sydney, Australia.
  • Designing for Reliability & Maintainability in Service-Oriented Architectures, together with RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.