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Web Services are the current most promising technology based on the idea of service oriented computing. Web services provide the basis for the development and execution of business processes that are distributed over the network and available via standard interfaces and protocols.

Combined with recent developments in the area of distributed systems, workflow management systems, business protocols and languages, services can provide the automated support needed for e-business collaboration and integration both at the data and business logic level. They also provide a sound support framework for developing complex business transaction sequences and business collaboration applications.

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  • Service Composition:  van den Heuvel, W.J., Zimmermann, O., Leymann, F., Shan, T. (2009): Dagstuhl Seminar 09021: Software Service Engineering Executive Summary. In :Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings 09021, ISSN 1862-4405, July 06, 2009, Dagstuhl, Germany
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