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Online Conference Tax Treaty Case Law Around The Globe 2020

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International conference on co-operative compliance and ICAP around the globe 2019

Reputable tax academics and professionals from 12 countries and a representative from the OECD reported on these topics from the perspective of their jurisdictions and together discussed the background, improvements, challenges and latest developments of Co-operative Compliance and ICAP around the globe.

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Tax Treaty Case Law around the Globe

Each year, the European Tax College, part of the Fiscal Institute Tilburg, organizes, in joint venture with the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, the International Conference Tax Treaty Case Law around the Globe.

The conference aims at presenting and discussing the most interesting Tax Treaty Cases which recently have been decided all over the world. Outstanding experts of the relevant jurisdictions present the most interesting and important decisions taken in their countries and which may affect the interpretation and application of tax treaties in other jurisdictions.

After each conference, the scientific results of the conference are published in a book. For the reader’s convenience, a database with the cases and their details is available.

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