Fiscal Institute Tilburg

International conference on co-operative compliance and ICAP around the globe 2019

Date: Time: 09:00 Location: Tilburg University

Reputable tax academics and professionals from 12 countries and a representative from the OECD will report on these topics from the perspective of their jurisdictions and together discuss the background, improvements, challenges and latest developments of Co-operative Compliance and ICAP around the globe.

  • What are the latest trends in co-operative compliance?
  • Is co-operative compliance the answer for the challenges faced by taxpayers and tax administrations?
  • Is co-operative compliance going international and multilateral with ICAP?
  • From 8 to 17 participating jurisdictions in one year! How will ICAP shape the future of taxation for multinationals?

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OECD Aachim Pross
CAP Steering committee Hans Rijsbergen
Austria Norbert Roller
Canada Allison Chistians
Germany Wouter de Ruiter, Andreas Kowallik
Italy Mario Grandinetti
Japan Yasuyuki Kawabata
Norway Kiran Aziz
Poland Małgorzata Sęk
Spain Jose Carlos Pedrosa Lopez
The Netherlands Ronald Russo, Ronald Hein, Mario Martini
United Kingdom Lynn Oats
United States George Clarke


The participation fee for the conference is EUR 200

In case of cancellation seven days or less prior to the conference, the participation fee cannot be refunded.


Students can visit the conference free of charge. 

Registration is open up to and including 31 October 2019. 

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