Tilburg Experience Sampling Center

Tilburg Experience Sampling Center (TESC) is a center of expertise with respect to Experience Sampling Methods research in the broader applied context of health, well-being and adaptiveness. TESC welcomes researchers who are interested or experienced in setting up experience sampling studies, and/or analyzing intensive longitudinal data. This type of data can be collected through the use of ‘wearables’ and other digital devices, which nowadays characterizes daily life. The experience sampling method opens up new possibilities to tailor future interventions to the person’s unique needs.

TESC - Tilburg Expericence Sampling Center

By sharing knowledge and working together, researchers are empowered to innovate towards better understanding, preventing, and treating problems with health, well-being and adaptiveness. TESC stimulates collaboration between researchers from various disciplines, offers a skill-building program, and has arranged collective agreements. TESC is part of the Herbert Simon Research Institute.

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