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Virtual platform on the history of international law

History of International Law@Tilburg (i-Hilt)

Over the last two decades, interest in the history of international law has dramatically risen among scholars from various constituencies such as international law, international relations, legal history and diplomatic history.

i-HILT is a virtual platform on the history of international law. Here, ‘International law’ is used in the broadest sense. It refers to all bodies of law, which regulated relations between polities throughout recorded history: from pre-classical Antiquity to the present and from all civilizations.

i-HILT will run the ‘Bibliography of the History of International Law’. This bibliography can be downloaded from the website and is searchable through the use of keywords. It is updated on a 3-monthly basis. Furthermore, i-HILT will provide information on events and new publications in the field of the history of international law.

i-HILT is run by the research group ‘History of International Law@Tilburg’ within the Department Public Law, Jurisprudence and Legal History at Tilburg Law School.

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