Middle Ages

Middle Ages

View our general reading list and learn more about the Middle Ages in the field of History of international law.

Benham,  Jenny

  • Peacemaking in the Middle Ages. Principles and Practice (Manchester UP 2011).
  • International Law in Europe, 700-1200 (Manchester UP 2022).

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Fedele, Dante

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  • The Medieval Foundations of International Law. Baldus de Ubaldis (1327-1400), Doctrine and Practice of the Ius Gentium (Brill/Nijhoff 2021).

Hehl, Ernst-Dieter

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Keen, Maurice H.

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Muldoon, James

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Paradisi, Bruno

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Reichberg, Gregory M.

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Russell, Frederick H.

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Steiger, Heinhard

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Ziegler, Karl-Heinz

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