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In the spotlight: Publications on the History of International Law

New publications in the history of international law.

Publications 2023

  • Monica Garcia-Salmones Rovira, The Necessity of Nature. God, Science and Money in 17th-Century English Law of Nature (CUP 2023).
  • Luke Glanville, David Lupher and Maya Feile Tomes (eds.), Sepulveda and the Spanish Invasion of the Americas. Defending Empire, Debating Las Casas (OUP 2023).
  • Knud Haakonssen and Ian Hunter (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Pufendorf  (CUP 2023).
  • John D. Ford, The Emergence of Privateering (Brill 2023).
  • Philip J. Stern, Empire, Incorporated. The Corporations that Built British Colonialism (Belknap Press 2023).
  • Arnout Van Cruyningen, De Vrede van Münster. Het einde van de Tachtigjarige Oorlog, 1648 (Omniboek 2023).
  • Christopher Roberts, Alternative Approaches to Human Rights. The Disparate Historical Paths of the European, Inter-American and African Regional Human Rightss Systems (Cambridge UP 2023).

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