I-HILT E-Lectures

Over the last three decades, interest in the history of international law has dramatically risen among scholars from various constituencies such as international law, commercial law, economics, international relations, legal history and diplomatic history. I-HILT organizes a series of lectures on the history of international (economic) law at the Tilburg Law School.

In the academic year 2022-2023, I-HILT will continue its series of e-lectures. Each lecture will be 40 minutes accompanied by a question and answer period of 20 minutes. Come to one of the lectures, or simply stream it here. Please feel welcome to attend! 

The program with dates and speakers for this season will soon be announced on this page.

I-HILT E-Lectures 2021-2022

Samuel Moyn, 'Reflections on the Humanization of War'

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