Previous I-HILT E-Lectures

I-HILT organizes a series of lectures on the history of international law at the Tilburg Law School.


In the academic year 2021-2022, the I-HILT institute will continue its series of E-lectures. Please feel welcome to attend any of them. Alternatively, you can watch the recording afterwards on this page.

A short overview:

  • Prof. dr. Ingo Venzke, ‘The Path Not Taken: On Legal Change and its Context’, December 9, 2021, 13:00 hrs CET
  • Prof. dr. Anne Oreford, ‘International Law and the Politics of History’, April 19, 2022, 13:00 hrs CET
  • Prof. dr. Sergio Dellavalle, ‘Paradigms of Social Order’, May 30,  2022, 13:00 hrs CET

Each lecture will be 40 minutes accompanied by a question and answer period of 20 minutes. Come to one of the lectures or simply stream it here!

Previous I-HILT E-Lectures 2019-2020

Maurits den Hollander (season lecture 4)

Hyoung-Jin Nho (season lecture 3)

Stefano Cattelan (season lecture 2)

Rémy Ambühl (season lecture 1)

Older seasons: