About i-HILT Institute

i-HILT, Institute for the History of International Law@Tilburg is a group of researchers from the Department of Public Law, Jurisprudence and Legal History at Tilburg Law School, the Netherlands.

The group is responsible for teaching several classes on the subject of the history of international law and relations, next to other legal history subjects. At present there are four relevant courses on the curriculum of Tilburg Law School

  • History of International Law, a mandatory course for the 1st year of the LL.B. Global Law
  • Global Legal History, a mandatory course for the 1st year of the LL.B. Global Law
  • International Legal History, a mandatory course for the 3rd year of the LL.B. International and European Law
  • History and Theory of International Law, a mandatory course for the students of the LL.M. International and European Law, track International Law and Global Governance
  • International Relations in Historical Perspective, an optional course at the master level.

Members of the group participate in the research program 'Charting the global legal pathways’ of the Center for Transboundary Legal Developments at Tilburg Law School.


Members of this group are also involved in the project Coherence in Law Through Legal Scholarship (CLLS)-ERC Starting Grant on early modern legal writings on collateral rights (security interests).

Professor Randall Lesaffer Professor of Legal History
Professor Em. Beatrix van Erp-Jacobs Professor Em. of Dutch Legal History
Dr. Dave De ruysscher Associate Professor
Dr. Gert-Jan Leenknegt Associate Professor
Karlijn van Blom Lecturer /Researcher
Dr. Erik-Jan Broers Assistant Professor
Dr. Geetanjali Srikantan Assistant Professor
Dr. Inge van Hulle Assistant Professor
Dr. Phillip Paiement Assistant Professor
Dr. Ilya Kotlyar Postdoctoral Researcher
Maurits den Hollander PhD Fellow
Remko J. Mooi PhD Fellow
Marta Lupi PhD Fellow
Ana Delic PhD Fellow
Jin Nho PhD Fellow
C.S.M. Müller PhD Fellow