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New publications by dr. Dave De ruysscher

Published: 07th January 2021 Last updated: 07th January 2021

We would like to draw attention to a number of interesting new publications by dr. Dave De ruysscher, treating a wide range of topics centered around the history of commercial law.

First of all, Brill has published a new edited volume as part of its series 'Legal History Library':

''Colonial Adventures: Commercial Law and Practice in the Making'' addresses the question how and to what extend the development of commercial law and practice, from Ancient Greece to the colonial empires of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, were indebted to colonial expansion and maritime trade. Illustrated by experiences in Ancient Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia, the book examines how colonial powers, whether consciously or not, reshaped the law in order to foster the prosperity of homeland manufacturers and entrepreneurs or how local authorities and settlers brought the transplanted law in line with the colonial objectives and the local constraints amid shifting economic, commercial and political realities.

Furthermore, he has recently published various articles and chapters:

Finally, an interesting blog post about the rapid EU-wide developments in (pre-)insolvency procedures and expected innovations for the near future was published on the project website of the ERC-funded program ''Coherence in Law through Legal Scholarship''.