Visitor program E-HILT

Visitor program i-HILT

i-HILT @ Tilburg runs a visitor program for foreign researchers to come and spend a research period at Tilburg Law School for a period of up to 6 months.

The research group is part of the Department of Public Law and Governance. All this accounts for a dynamic academic surrounding, which allows interaction with legal scholars who study international law from different angles. This setting guarantees that the historical perspective has a full and valued role in the debates on current evolutions of international law and the global legal order at Tilburg.

Visiting faculty will have access to a work space as well as to all internet and library facilities. HIL @ Tilburg has a small seminar library on the history of international law with major source editions and literature. There is a bench fee of 250 euro per week, but this can be waived under certain conditions.

For enquiries, please contact