INTERVICT is dedicated to excellence in education on Bachelor, Master and post doctorate level. In its education, INTERVICT challenges students to deepen and broaden their knowledge and stimulates them to develop their skills.

Master's program

The institute is responsible for the complete Master Victimology and Criminal Justice , a world-wide unique program focusing on victimology.

Unfortunately, at this time you can't enroll for the MSc Victimology and Criminal Justice program for the academic year 2020-2021. Tilburg Law School investigates the possibilities to broaden this specialized master's degree and intends to start a redesigned program in 2021-2022.

Advisory Board MA Victimology and Criminal Justice

The aim of this Advisory Board is to serve as a reflection group, to advise on the Master's Program, and to signal developments that are important for our students and the master program as a whole. Based on the input of the Advisory Board the curriculum will be improved and tuned.

The group of experts in the field of Victimology and Criminology consists of external senior executives and alumni and includes the following members:

  • Levent Altan (Executive Director at Victim Support Europe)
  • Ina Hut (Director, President of the Board CoMensha)
  • Rosa Jansen (President Board of Directors Victim Support Netherlands and Perspectief Herstelbemiddeling [Restorative Justice])
  • Esther van de Watering (Inspector with the Council on Law Enforcement in St. Maarten)
  • Joris van Wijk (Associate Professor VU Amsterdam)

Courses Bachelors / Master's program

INTERVICT is involved in teaching the following courses in Bachelor and Master programs of Tilburg Law School:

  • International and European Criminal Law (BA)
  • Administration of Criminal Justice (BA)
  • Aliens Law (MA)

INTERVICT coordinates the Top class course on Victimology for talented Bachelor students who have scored excellent in the first year of their study.

In the Global Law Bachelor, INTERVICT lecturers teach the course Psychology and Criminology.

Contract teaching

Through contract teaching, INTERVICT opens individual courses of the Master Victimology and Criminal Justice up to interested parties for a special fee.

More information about contract teaching.

Exchange students

A selection of courses is open for exchange students. Please contact the Study Abroad & Exchange Team of our International office, for more information about the courses and the requirements.

PhD degree

INTERVICT offers researchers the possibility to pursue a PhD-degree as (external) PhD-candidate.