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INTERVICT promotes and executes interdisciplinary research that can contribute to a comprehensive, evidence-based body of knowledge on the empowerment and support of victims of crime and abuse of power.

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Funding Possibilities INTERVICT

Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO)

The Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO) has funds available to sponsor visiting researchers (foreign senior researchers; max. 12 months). Application deadline: 3 months before arrival date.

In case you receive a NWO-stipend:

Finances and accountability

The total budget will be paid to the Institute at the start of the Visiting Fellowship. The grant does not cover university overhead costs. The bench fee of the Institute will therefore have to be paid by the visitor him/herself.

70% of the stipend will be paid to the visitor at the start of the Visiting Fellowship. The Visiting Fellow will have to formally declare to accept INTERVICT’s terms of the stipend. The remaining 30% will be paid after the conclusion of the visit and the receipt of a final report. Please be aware that the University might be obliged by Dutch Tax Authorities to withhold social and security taxes from the stipend. This withhold and the percentage of withhold is depending on the regulations and agreements the Netherlands has with your country of residence.

The Visiting Fellow is required to submit to INTERVICT a final report within three months after his/her departure from the Institute. It should include a summary of activities done, work results and a financial paragraph. The final report is to be no more than 1500 words. INTERVICT will forward the report to NWO.

Please note, that in order to meet the NWO-deadline, your application needs to be submitted to INTERVICT at least 4 months prior to arrival. There are some strict rules attached to NWO stipends.


Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship for Career Development (IEF)

The Marie Curie IEF is a fellowship for researchers from an EU member state or associated country to conduct a research project of 12-24 months in an EU member state or associated country. The application is made jointly by a researcher and a host organization.

Applicant host organizations must be active in research and located in a Member State or in an associated country.

For more information about the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships.

INTERVICT can offer assistance in applying for funds.