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INTERVICT promotes and executes interdisciplinary research that can contribute to a comprehensive, evidence-based body of knowledge on the empowerment and support of victims of crime and abuse of power.

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Practical matters visitor's program INTERVICT


INTERVICT is located at the 6th floor of Montesquieu Building at the University Campus. In this building the Tilburg Law School of Tilburg University is residing. The Institute enjoys a congenial and relaxed atmosphere, providing the perfect space for social and intellectual interchange. The building provides office and conference space, as well as a large learning centre on the ground floor that provides students and visiting scholars with a study area containing all the IT facilities that they need in an open and modern environment. The Institute benefits from up-to-date computing facilities, providing Visiting Fellows/Scholars access to the Internet, various electronic research tools, and the University's extensive network of resources.


Each Visiting Fellow and Scholar is allocated a desk which is equipped with a desktop PC with internet connection and e-mail access. Should additional computer support or assistance be required (e.g. with personal laptops), this is at the discretion of the computer officer and may be charged for.


The Institute has a modest library of its own, containing a wide range of books and reports on victimology and criminology. All Visiting Fellows and Scholars have access to the University Library.


The Institute will assist the Visiting Fellow or Scholar in finding accommodation during his/her stay, if necessary. Please note: this service is only rendered to visitors who will stay for more than 3 months.


The Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO) has funds available to sponsor visiting researchers (foreign senior researchers; max. 12 months). Application deadline: 3 months before arrival date. For more information check NWO.
The institute can offer assistance in applying for funds. Please note, that in order to meet the NWO-deadline, your application needs to be submitted to INTERVICT at least 4 months prior to arrival. There are some strict rules attached to NWO stipends. Please check here for more information.

Prospective visitors are advised to bear in mind that the cost of a visit to the Institute will include the following elements:

  • Visa (if applicable);
  • Resident permit (if applicable);
  • INTERVICT fees: € 250 per month net of VAT (21%), in case the bench fee causes a problem, a waiver could be granted. Please contact us by;
  • Transportation: depending on distance;
  • Accommodation: the average cost for a two-bedroom flat in Tilburg is now about €850 till €1200 per month for a furnished apartment (gas & electricity mostly included). It is possible to rent a room in a shared house from €425 till €1200 for furnished rooms/apartments (gas & electricity included). Please note, that many tenancy agreements are for a minimum of 6 months and substantial deposits may be required. The rents for short-term lets of less than 6 months are limited and vary;
  • Maintenance: visitors without a family should expect to spend approximately €70,00 per week on food. Additional funds would be required for entertainment etc. When accompanied by a family, costs will increase;
  • Research related expenses: travel, secretarial, telephone/fax etc. These will vary according to the nature of the research being done.
INTERVICT does not provide funding for academic visitors.

Further information can be obtained from the secretariat of INTERVICT: +31 13 466 3526 or email: