Finalized Research Projects INTERVICT


Sources of Stress for Bereaved of MH17 Victims
Stories of Justice and Injustice: exploring Victims (NWO-VENI)
Measuring resilience among police officers
Inclusive Actors for Development Project
The Criminal Justice Response on Victims of Traffic Offences


Victim-Oriented Reform of the Criminal Justice System in the EU
Trafficking as a Criminal Enterprise


The Victimization Experience and the Radicalisation Process
Slachtoffers van Medische Missers
Integrated Restorative Justice Models for Victims and Youth:
Pilots Herstelbemiddeling
Agressie en Geweld Tegen Ambulancepersoneel
Protection Orderds in the EU


A comparative Analysis of Nationality Laws in the MENA Region
The Nexus Between Statelessness and Human trafficking
Statelessness and Forced Displacement
The Human Rights Impact of Statelessness in the EU's External Action
Treatment of Traumatized Victims of Trafficking.
Evaluatie training mentale kracht
Tools for Validation & Utilisation of EU Statistics on Human Trafficking
Right to Quality Services for Victims of Crime (VICS)


Mensenhandel: het slachtofferperspectief
Little Survivors by Birth and Crying (VIB)
Interventies tegen agressie in de zorg
Threat and Intimidation of Mayors
Aard, omvang en handhaving van beschermingsbevelen
Human Rights / Terrorist Hostage-Taking
Invisible Victims?
Personenschade en de Wet tegemoetkoming schade bij Rampen
A victim's perspective on the human right:


Female Genital Mutilation
Solistische Dreigers:
Victims and restorative Justice:
Reparations for Victims in the Middle East and North-Africa
Straftoemeting slachtoffers met bijzondere kwalificatie
Victimization of patients with severe mental illness:
Indexing Trafficking in Human Beings:


Interventies bij huiselijk geweld :
Tailor-made Social Skills Training
Secundary Analysis Data Domestic Violence
Realising Rights:
Methodologisch onderzoek op het gebied van ADHD/PTSD
Quality measurement for victim assistance


Behandeling en onderzoek gericht op Forensische Victimologie ...
Oral Victim Statement Impact Act in the Netherlands
Straftoemeting bij geweld tegen kwalificerende slachtoffers
Study on Crime Victimisation
Standardise national legislation on violence against women and children
An approach to organized crime in three experimental gardens
Increasing Self Awareness
Domestic violence in the Netherlands


Compensation for Victims of Violent Crime
Risicotaxatie van Herhaald Slachtofferschap bij partnergeweld:
Gaps in the Dutch victim support system
Victimisation by Fraud:
Quality of Victim Assistance
Victims in Europe:


Needs of Victims of Crime
Evaluation of the criminal proceedings directive:
Evaluation of the Agression and Violence Monitor:
Evaluation of the project Repeat Victimisation
Prevention of Repeat Victimisation:
Developing standards for assistance to victims of terrorism


Aggression and violence, posttraumatic stress, and absenteeism:
Feasibility study for a convention against domestic violence
Nature and extent of aggression and violence:


Tevredenheid van slachtoffers met ‘rechtspleging’ en slachtofferhulp:
Promising programmes to prevent violence