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Interview prof. dr. Dorien Kooij en prof. dr. Charissa Freese over Erkennen en waarderen

Published: 08th April 2022 Last updated: 08th April 2022

Within the project for recognition and rewards, a new and more inclusive way of performance appraisal of academics is being developed in Universities in the Netherlands.  As a result of this project, prof. dr. Charissa Freese and our head of department prof. dr. Dorien Kooij, were interviewed and they were asked about their own experiences and how our department is applying these new principles. This is important, because the department tries to propagate: 'practice what you preach in HRM'. In this article Charissa Freese and Dorien Kooij tell from ther own experience, how to deal with a non standard career path in academia and what this means for employee, supervisor and organization. Click here to read the full article: here