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A platform for global HR excellence

The current activities of the People Management Center allow for an open exchange of the latest HR knowledge between academics, practitioners, management students and PhDs, and society at large.

Several activities which are performed by the People Management Center:

  • Quarterly roundtables to discuss the latest issues and ideas in HR;
  • Bi-annual HR practitioners conference;
  • Execution of research question from the HR field;
  • Strategic and applied research results in white papers and other publications;
  • Executive training at TIAS;
  • People Management Center research is channeled through top HR management education programs, such as master classes¬†Predictive HR Analytics, Labor market and HRM innovation;
  • Incompany workshops and training & development;
  • Supervision of external PHD projects;
  • Management presentations at partner organizations;
  • Site visits at our partners;
  • Offering opportunities for guest lectures;
  • Acquisition of new partners;
  • Bring top students and partner organizations together in an extended master.

Applied research for business

The People Management Center is busy with a variety of commissioned applied research projects for partner organizations.