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Jaap Paauwe in CHRO interview: “HR lived up its expectations, but is not a “silver bullet”.

Published: 24th November 2020 Last updated: 24th November 2020

An interview with our colleague Jaap Paauwe was published on the website of CHRO, in which it is assumed that the current HR professional still leaves room for development and improvement. HR seems to have succeeded in meeting most expectations, but Paauwe states that HR is certainly not a “silver bullet”. Nowadays, many HR professionals are not yet making sufficient use of their possibilities to create impact. In fact, these professionals seem to fulfil their role from an administrative and managerial point of view. Yet, there do exist HR-professionals who, with the right knowledge, are capable of recruiting and motivating (future) employees, and in this way contribute to the performance and well-being of employees. However, HR is always dependent on both the culture in which it is embedded, and the leadership qualities within the organization. Ultimately, these aspects contribute to HR being a vulnerable function. Unfortunately, HR science and -practice are not yet sufficiently linked. Paauwe is therefore currently working on a new book in which scientific HR insights are dealt with in an accessible way. Click here to read the interview with Jaap Paauwe on the website of CHRO (in Dutch).