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Article about Covid-19 trends in leadership by Robin Bauwens, Saša Batistič, Steven Kilroy en Sanne Nijs

Published: 31st May 2021 Last updated: 31st May 2021

A new article on leadership trends during COVID-19 was recently published in Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. Several researchers within the Department of Human Resource Studies contributed to this article. The organizational effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are enormous, and therefore call for strong, and new forms of leadership. This article by Bauwens, Batistic, Kilroy, and Nijs therefore defines six leadership clusters that are needed in these uncertain times: 1. Leadership and employee health during the pandemic 2. Public leadership 3. Leadership in the healthcare sector 4. Leadership and diversity 5. Educational leadership 6. Leadership and persuasive communication This article further outlines that “new forms of leadership” often appear to be a continuation of earlier leadership theories, which have become more important since the beginning of the current pandemic. The article therefore offers guidelines for future research on leadership in COVID times.

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