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Opinion article “Brabants Dagblad”: A call to now reform the labor market to protect vulnerable workers with regard to social security by Freese and Borghouts

Published: 18th May 2020 Last updated: 18th May 2020

On April 20, an opinion article was published in “Brabants Dagblad” in which Charissa Freese and Irmgard Borghouts discuss the vulnerability of the social security system and the labour market in the Netherlands. The position of vulnerable workers has become even more fragile since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They suggest that these current times of crisis should be used to strengthen the foundation of the Dutch labour market. Currently, a social safety net was created to protect employers, freelancers and vulnerable employees, but these benefits will disappear when the pandemic has come to an end. Thus, the authors propose the development of structural measures. Consequently, the labour market and the system of social security will become more solid, secure and fair in the long run. Click here to read the full opinion article (in Dutch).