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Podcast Financiële Telegraaf & blog on solo-self employed and (in)security by Freese & Van den Groenendaal

Published: 03rd March 2020 Last updated: 03rd March 2020

On February 7, a podcast was posted by ‘de Financiële Telegraaf’ in which Charissa Freese & Sjanne Marie van den Groenendaal’s chapter in the CBS/TNO book was discussed. The podcast focuses on how self-employed workers are backed into a corner, and how this is about to change.

Martin Visser, highlights how the chapter categorizes different kinds of self-employed workers. For instance, the biggest category, including 30% of the self-employed workers, entails the autonomous – those who want to be in control of their hours and their work-life balance. The second largest category, including 17% of the self-employed workers, entails those who work in a sector that more or less requires self employment, like actors or photographers. Different groups of solo self-employed experience different levels of securities and thus should be treated differently by social policy. Listen to the podcast (in Dutch) or read the blog (in Dutch).

Read the full report and our colleagues’ chapter (in Dutch).