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WRR Report “Het betere werk” and work visit

Published: 03rd March 2020 Last updated: 03rd March 2020

On January 15th, the WRR report “Het betere werk” was launched, for which our colleagues Sjanne Marie van den Groenendaal, Charissa Freese and Marc van Veldhoven wrote a working paper on work intensification in six occupations.

The WRR report focuses on the consequences of technology, flexibilization, and intensification of work for those who will still have a job in the future, and the quality of this work. The WRR therefore pleads for considering proper work for everyone as a societal issue for organizations as proper work is essential for the broader welfare: the quality of life of individuals, the economy and the society as a whole. The report includes nine suggestions for improving and facilitating proper work for more people.

Read the report and the working paper.

On January 28 the WRR visited our department, where we presented the research by our department and the WRR presented the results of their report. In the afternoon a visit was paid to two inclusive employers: MamaLoes in Goirle, on Open Hiring and Hutten Catering, in Veghel on the inclusion of people with disabilities.