Gaan robots zorg en onderwijs redden?

Tilburg University Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group

TAISIG for human-centric AI

Tilburg University stands out for its holistic, multidisciplinary approach to Artificial Intelligence, combining a technical perspective with a focus on the social, legal, ethical and economic demands and impact of AI. To strengthen this approach, TAISIG connects researchers from different departments and research groups to maximize their contribution to the development of human-centric AI for the benefit of society.

Artificial intelligence helps to address complex societal issues better, faster, and more efficiently in domains such as energy transition, mobility, and personalized treatment in healthcare. At the same time, AI also challenges us to think about how to develop and use these promising applications in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

In the pursuit of creating an impact on society, Tilburg University collaborates with local, national, and international partners both in the private and the public sector. We develop AI tools and techniques on a foundational level, exploring the social, legal, ethical, and economic requirements and impact of AI as a technology and its artifacts and applications and developing and studying human-machine configurations in concrete applications. 

Within Tilburg University, several Departments, researcher clusters, and programs engage in AI-related projects. The Tilburg University AI Special Interest Group (TAISIG) pools together and strengthens the university’s AI activities by bringing together researchers from different disciplines, initiating and accelerating the development of new research proposals and grant applications.

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Tilburg University aims at leveraging its scientific knowledge and skills base in artificial intelligence (AI) in the domains of the social sciences and humanities. It builds on its strong reputation in these domains. 

The focus is on human-centric AI, contributing to the strategic direction that is pursued by the European Commission and by the Netherlands Artificial Intelligence Coalition (NLAIC). More specifically, we adhere to such general principles as FAIR data concepts and explainable intelligent algorithms.

Our approach is holistic and multidisciplinary, thus combining all relevant elements into an integrated human-centric approach from the following three perspectives:

TAISIG is one of the communities supported by Tilburg University's Digital Sciences for Society program.