technologie en gezondheid

Application domain related aspects

Technology is developing rapidly, providing new AI methods, better ways of collecting data, more extensive and larger data sets, and more possibilities for applications in many domains.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to find answers to social issues faster, better, and more efficiently

AI is increasingly intersecting with various aspects of our society in an increasing range of fields and application domains. Vice versa, an increasing number of fields, domains, and sectors are looking to artificial intelligence to further advance their performance and open up new possibilities. These not only include the valorization of knowledge to explore new avenues of innovation, develop business models, and improve the performance of organizations but also provide insights and solutions to strengthen our society against threats, boost the resilience of our communities, and support the development of an equal and inclusive society. In short, the advancement of the AI field brings about new possibilities to advance society.

Tilburg University has a long track record of leveraging the potential of technologies for various societal challenges. Artificial intelligence represents and provides a new opportunity to address societal challenges on a scale that has rarely been seen before. Various initiatives in and around Tilburg University are already investigating this potential, including the dangers. To further enhance these efforts and expand in new areas, it is essential to bring together various expertise related to the technology in question, the ethical and legal considerations, and the domain specific knowledge.

TAISIG is currently in the process of exploring the potential of different application domains using a combined approach: finding both the relevant challenges and opportunities as they occur in the application spaces as well as identifying the ongoing work within the university in these application areas. Within and around the university there is a large potential to leverage academic knowledge in the field of the artificial intelligence. To build on this potential, these application areas need to be further developed and explored by creating meaningful connections within and around the university. TAISIG aims to establish these connections through three steps: (1) identifying the potential, (2) combining & gathering expertise, (3) advancing society.

Updates about this process will follow.


  • Inge Bongers

    Full Professor Evidence Based Management of Innovation in (mental) health care

  • Carol Ou
    Full Professor of Digital Transformation & Information Management

  • Kenny Meesters
    Researcher specialized in Crisis Information Management