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Human Centric AI: the Tilburg University perspective

Date: Time: 14:00 Location: Online

'Human Centric AI: The Tilburg University Perspective' features a conversation about the Tilburg vision on AI and our working methods. Furthermore, a reflection is given on the impact of AI on public values and the related research challenges for Tilburg University.

We are pleased to invite you to the next TAISIG Event, a joint initiative of Tilburg University and MindLabs.

Program Outline

  • Presentation of the TAISIG Position Paper

It provides the university’s vision and mission in artificial intelligence and demonstrates in which areas and subfields Tilburg University intends to play a leading role and how it will collaborate with other stakeholders to achieve its goals and objectives.

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TAISIG is the Tilburg University Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group: a research community committed to AI. TAISIG specializes in AI methodology & algorithms, AI concepts and applications, and ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects of AI).