Kick-off of the TAISIG Talks

Recap Opportunities for AI Research and Applications

Published: 13th July 2021 Last updated: 04th July 2022

During the event the participants were informed about the current state of affairs on artificial intelligence at Tilburg University. Including the potential options for national and international collaboration. The program consisted of three main components and was hosted by dr. Marie Postma and Mirjam Siesling.

TiU AI Manifesto: TiU’s take on AI methods and techniques, ethical, legal and societal aspects of AI and application area’s.

  • prof. dr. Emile Aarts (0.00.00 minutes)
  • prof. Boudewijn Haverkort (0.06.55 minutes)
  • dr. Marie Postma (0.12.45 minutes)
  • prof. dr. Ronald Leenes (0.22.55 minutes)
  • Kenny Meesters (0.33.05 minutes)

The first draft of the AI Manifesto was presented to Jantine Schuit, Vice Rector Magnificus, member Executive Board TiU.

Opportunities for researchers on a national and international level

  • Inald Lagendijk, Professor in Computing-based Society, and chair of the Cybersecurity research group TU Delft (0.47.25 minutes)

Introduction in the opportunities in the AiNed program. This program aims to accelerate the development and application of AI in the Netherlands.

  • Huub Smulders MSc., CEO ERAC BV (1.07.25 minutes)

Explanation of opportunities at the European level. He addressed funding, general trends, opportunities and pitfalls in external funding and a reflection on positioning of TiU.

ERAC is a consulting firm for regional development through European cooperation.

Pitches of TiU research champions

Presentation by a selection of TiU researchers about their learning experiences from previous and current projects and their ambitious future plans.

  • dr. Frans Cruijssen (1.24.30 minutes)
  • prof.dr. Margriet Sitskoorn (1.34.49 minutes)
  • prof.dr. Emiel Krahmer (1.54.20 minutes)
  • prof.dr. Willem-Jan van den Heuvel (2.02.26 minutes)
  • dr. Maryam Alimardani (2.11.53 minutes)


TAISIG is the Tilburg University Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group: a research community committed to AI. TAISIG specializes in AI methodology & algorithms, AI concepts and applications, and ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects of AI).

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