Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship

Because entrepreneurship empowers people to be creative and innovative and enables them to be make a difference.

Education Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship

At Tilburg University, we believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is important for all our students. A focus on entrepreneurship helps our students to become pro-active, enterprising, and characterful thinkers. At TCE it is our mission to encourage entrepreneurship at Tilburg University, together with entrepreneurship campus partners Starterslift and Academic Business Club.

TCE is home to educational programs such as a Minor in Entrepreneurship and a Master’s track in Entrepreneurship and is the gateway to al entrepreneurship education at Tilburg University. In our education, we don’t only focus on teaching theoretical knowledge but also on increasing practical skills, in offline and online training sessions.

To read more about our entrepreneurship education, visit www.tilburguniversity.edu/students/career/entrepreneurship/education/.