Tilburg Institute for Family Business

Tilburg Institute for Family Business

TIFB is a multidisciplinary institute and focuses on the dynamics of family firms with a strong interaction between theory and practice. The activities are separated in teaching, research and executive training.

Family firms are of great importance for the worldwide economy

Research on family firms in the Netherlands shows that 71% of all firms is a family firm (CBS, 2017).

Within family firms there is an overlap between the family, the business, and ownership and therefore they are different from non-family firms. Family firms focus more on the long-term perspective, the commitment of employees is high, and succession is an important topic. Issues within family firms are related to different research areas like management, economics, law, tax, psychology, and human resources.

Multidisciplinary research and education

Therefore the goal of TIFB is to focus on multidisciplinary research and education. In research TIFB contributes to the development of knowledge about family firms and in education the institute participates in several bachelor and master programs.


Would you like to participate in research on family business related topics or submit topics for theses and offer internships?