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Truly multidisciplinary, innovative and operating on the frontier of knowledge. Tilburg Institute of Governance (TIG) is unique.

It is not just a research institute or an academic education program. It’s a community of outstanding scholars, students and alumni with an interest in public governance and public sector issues.

As an alliance of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and Tilburg Law School (TLS), TIG operates at the interface of the disciplines of Public Administration, Economics and Law. Each discipline offers different insights and tools to deepen our understanding of public governance issues.

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Publicatie: Gemeenteambtenaren als ‘publieke bricoleurs’

[only in Dutch]

Gemeenteambtenaren in de participatiesamenleving hebben andere vaardigheden, een andere werkhouding en soms meer vrijheid nodig om hun werk goed te kunnen doen. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van Tilburg University in zes gemeenten. Ambtenaren die met burgers samenwerken zijn vaak ‘publieke bricoleurs’: ze verbinden op open, creatieve wijze verschillende belangen, perspectieven, kennis en middelen om samen met betrokkenen concrete resultaten te bewerkstelligen. 

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omslag publieke bricoleurs


Smart cities need socially smart intermediaries (November 26, 2019)

Smart cities rely on the latest technologies to enhance services and transform infrastructure. However, to make technology work they also need socially ‘smart urban intermediaries’ who understand local conditions and can spark community action around specific issues. That is one of the conclusions of the international research project Smart Urban Intermediaries, led by Merlijn van Hulst of Tilburg Law School.

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Seminar Data sharing & management of critical infrastructures: opportunities and challenges

This seminar took place September 10th in the LocHal Tilburg. For more information click here.

Gemeentesecretarisopleiding (July 9, 2019)

TIG has a longstanding successful “wethoudersopleiding” where we share our expertise on governance with practitioners. But we’ve got great news: We now also offer a “gemeentesecretarisopleiding”! Click here for more information (in Dutch).  

TIG in the media

TIG scholars are experts in all governance issues. No surprise media frequently ask to shine our light on a wide variety of issues.

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Latest media performances:

Podcast: the Tilburg Governance Hub

TIG students Daniel Bertram and Peter Hellevang make this informative podcast on governance issues.

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TIG research focuses on real-world challenges and scientific problems associated with transformations and innovations in (public) governance from the global to the local level.

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At Tilburg Institute of Governance we believe that the goal of education is to prepare our students for their (professional) future. We provide them with all the knowledge and tools we deem necessary for their career.

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To get a taste of how TIG uses an interdisciplinary approach, check out this mini weblecture:

Prof. Frank Hendriks on Public Governance & the referendum

Future students

As a student of Public Governance (BSc or MSc) or Bestuurskunde (BSc) you will become part of the Tilburg Institute of Governance (TIG). A unique small-scaled, interdisciplinary and innovative community of outstanding scholars, students and alumni from all over the world. More information on: